About The Human Rights Foundation And The Work They Do

Learn about the Human Rights Foundation and it’s founder Thor Halvorssen.

About The HRF And Its Beliefs
The Human Rights Foundation promotes human rights and protects the rights of humans around the world. The organization has a strong focus on closed societies, and the organization focuses its work on the founding ideals of the human rights movement.

The right to leave and enter their countries and the right to acquire and dispose of property are also the beliefs of the organization. One of the goals of the organization is to sustain the struggle for liberty in areas where liberty is under the most threat.

About The Foundation’s Founder
Thor Halvorssen founded the organization in 2005, but he started advocating for human rights in 1989. That year was when he organized opposition to the South African apartheid. Not only is he the foundered of the HRF, but he is the founder of the Oslo Freedom Forum and before starting the HRF, he was the CEO of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education.

Halvorssen is well-educated, and he graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, and he holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in history and political science. Halvorssen has also produced various documentary films, which includes The Sugar Babies, Hammer &Tickle and Freedom’s Fury. Some of this films have earned numerous awards and they have been recognized and watched by people from all around the world. He believes people from all walks of life should be brought together, and he has done a great job at making sure he accomplishes that goal. Check him out on Youtube for the latest news.

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