Adam Milstein: New Leaders to Stop Anti-Semitism

Adam Milstein is the National Chairman of the Israeli-American Council and co-founder of the Adam Milstein Foundation that aids other Pro-Israel firms in getting adequate health services to the Jewish community. He is also a gifted writer and has articles on The Times of Israel publication.

Adam Milstein’s latest post, “Diaspora Jews Will Rise to Meet Our Challenges with Israel in Our Hearts,” illustrates how Jews can overcome the challenges of anti-Semitism. He uses historical Jewish examples that show how good leaders can make and execute decisions to fight back against anti-Semitism. One example is when decision makers created the foundation to establish Israel as an independent Jewish state to decrease anti-Semitism.

Another example given by Adam Milstein was World War II. Mordechai Anielewicz was one of the known leaders that led Jews in the fight against the Nazis. Peter Bergson created a campaign that led to the formation of a Jewish army that fought for the allies. Col. Mickey Marcus is another example as he was a kid from Brooklyn New York that went to Israel to help save the Jews. He later became a modern general. He was the first to serve in this position. Adam Milstein’s message is that anti-Semitism will not defeat Israel.

Just as changes were made in the past to save Israel and its people, the same can be done today. However, Adam believes that the solution is stable leadership. The Jewish community can achieve victory over the current spread of anti-Semitism by remembering the heroes from the past. There is no need for more innocent Jewish lives to be lost or harmed as a result of the violence of hatred, racism, and bigotry.

Adam Milstein believes new leaders that will make a difference in anti-Semitism are emerging and with support, they will come forward and make a difference in Israel.

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