Alex Pall Discusses Identity And Originality

It isn’t enough for Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart to be one of the hottest music bands out there. The Chainsmokers discussed their origins and the reason behind their recent musical successes.


At the initial phase of Pall’s career, he worked in New York to establish himself as a professional DJ. In 2012, Pall along with DJ Rhett Bixler formed The Chainsmokers.  Later, it was re-formed as an EDM DJ duo under the management of Pall’s now manager, Adam Alpert after Bixler left the group.

Alex Pall earned a good amount of net worth from the sales of their album and singles.


Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart met through a manager, who introduced Pall to Taggart. As Taggart describes it himself, it was, “love at first sight.” The two hit it off immediately after discussing their ambitions and musical tastes. They met frequently and worked long hours discovering how they worked together and that music they could create. For them, it wasn’t enough just to make music that people could dance to in the club. They wanted their audience to know who they were. (More about Pall on Interview Magazine: The Chainsmokers)


An emphasis of their music has been about connecting with their listeners and telling them personal stories about themselves. The recent hit, “Closer,” is about Taggart’s experience with hooking up with an ex and realizing just why they had broken up in the first place. Adding Halsey to the track was a dream for the duo, who loved her powerful voice and her strong sense of self. Andrew also added his voice to the track, singing for the first time. View Related Info Here.


Discussion about where they are as artists and how they feel about themselves, music, and the world, is something Pall and Taggart do frequently with one another, and it has been a source of creative inspiration for them. They’re usually a year or two ahead of what’s being released to the public, changing as artists and people as they go, which also changes their music.


These changes are also something they highly desire to bring to their stage performances as well. Because they wish to be more than just two guys standing behind a DJ booth, they’ve worked hard to bring their audience a spectacular performance. Each tour, they want–and plan–to bring something new to those who come to see their shows. Whether it be Taggart singing or adding something to their show to make it an exciting experience, they’re focused on connecting with their audience and creating a sphere of vulnerability in which to share.



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