Alexei Beltyukov Lives What He Believes In

Alexei Beltyukov is a Russian entrepreneur as well as a philanthropist. He is determined to provide funding for Russian start-up companies. In 2013, he set up the Endemic Capital, an angel investing club, to provide resources that would fund the new upcoming firms. So far, there have been eight investments that have been made with two exits. One is an IPO while the other is an acquisition.

Additionally, Alexei has several other ventures that help his fellow Russians to set themselves up when it comes to business. Besides that, he assisted in formulating a scholarship that supports unable financial students who are accepted into INSEAD. After all, Beltyukov is an addict of learning how to do new things in a better way that will better the entire society.

Published author Beltyukov is in collaboration with the government to offer his fellow Russians support and guidance on the economy. As the Vice-President of the Skolkovo Foundation, he provides grant and opportunities for Russian technology projects. Besides that, he is always looking for entrepreneurs with the urge to expand their business throughout Russia.

Additionally, Twitter shows that Beltyukov is the founder of New Gas Technologies as well as the chairman of the board since 2006. This company is focused on reducing the cost of refining oil and hence, increases the overall refinery process. Simultaneously, he sits on the board of Foro Energy that commercializes high power lasers for the oil, geothermal, natural gas as well as the mining industries. Alexei is also the founder of Mechanicus.

In 2013, he came up with SOLVY, an online platform that enables students to learn, explore as well as enjoy Mathematics in a more customized environment. It also provides teachers with the correct tools that they need for their work to be less laborious making it easier for them to concentrate on the actual teaching procedure. The teacher can easily study the progress of her students making them aware of any student who may need special attention.

Alexei cannot be called a proponent of education as this would certainly be an understatement. He adores the idea of broadening horizons through education making him a proud founder of All the EdTech experts, as well as the educators, are impressed with his work due to its unique style of generating homework for students depending on the parameters that have been set.

With such an innovative philanthropist in your society, there is hope for the less fortunate students be it financially or just weak in Mathematics. The solution has been brought to your door.

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