Amazing Career of Michael Zomber

Learning about ancient weapons has been both a professional goal and a personal interest of Michael Zomber for most of his life. While he has a great respect for all guns, his main interest is in ancient Japanese samurai. First coming into common usage during the Onin War, Japan’s best leaders carried a long and short samurai with them where ever they went while commoners were killed if they were found in the procession of one. As one of the world’s foremost authorities on samurai, Michael has written several books on the subject including Jesus and the Samurai and Soul of the Samurai where readers will be delighted with Michael’s storytelling abilities. Readers will enjoy his most recent literary Shogun Iemitsu. He has also appeared as an expert on History Channel’s Tales of the Gun series.

Michael and his wife Andrea also own Renascent Films. Through this project, they have turned Soul of the Samurai into a well-received documentary along with producing Born Feet First, formerly Deep Sea Diving. This production showcases the work of Diane Luby Lane in creating the world’s largest teen poetry program called Get Lit-Words Ignite. The company is also producing the film Jimmy Santiago Baca’s showcasing his amazing journey as a young boy into an orphanage before ending up in prison. Proving that prison does not have to be an end-all, Baca taught himself to read and write while confined. After being released, he went on to become a published poet.

When not busy with his business empires, Michael Zomber can be found supporting many causes. Most of these causes help veterans or others affected by wars. Some of his favorite charities include Doctors Without Borders that perform medical missions through the globe, UNICEF helping to feed and clothe hungry people, Amnesty International helping to support human rights and Global Exchange helping to ensure justice around the globe. One of the reasons that Michael is so passionate about these causes is that he spent two years in a United States prison camp after being wrongly convicted of mail fraud. During that time, his hard work was instrumental in helping several people obtain their GEDs.  As a filmmaker, Zomber hopes to inspire a lot of fellow historians, and IMDb is a good guide to what he’s done so far.

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