Amazing New Perks For Luxury Real Estate

There’s no question that tough times call for inventive sales tactics. That’s certainly what seems to be the case right now in the New York luxury real estate market. Right now sales in this market have slowed, likely due to a tightening up of money from overseas as that region goes through instability. There has also been a clamp down on anonymous cash sales which is also affecting the higher priced luxury market. Due to all of this, realtors are becoming more and more inventive with perks they can add into purchases of major luxury properties.

Some of the wild perks we’ve seen lately include cars (a Rolls Royce Phantom was included in a deal for a very luxurious penthouse condo in mid-town Manhattan) yachts, a private art gallery and also a private luxury restaurant. Some perks are even more unusual, and include a wall of floor-to-ceiling candy dispensers (stocked with $200,000 worth of candy), designer furniture, private chauffeur service via Tesla, and even a water slide that connects to the upper level of a home, sliding directly into the residence’s pool. Maybe these perks aren’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea, but they are certainly inventive.

Along with adding in perks and innovative sales ideas, what’s needed for success today in the luxury real estate market is true skill, market knowledge and a commitment to client service. These are qualities that are all held by the professionals at TOWN Residential in New York real estate. The realtors at TOWN know their market, and they know what it takes to put together a deal that really works. All of this is why TOWN Residential has become one of the top names in luxury real estate since the firm launched back in 2008.

Is it time to really get into the luxury property of your dreams? If it’s time, then TOWN Residential is the place to call.

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