Anthony Petrello- CEO of Nabors Industries

In the United States, there are people who made wealth through various ways. Not all of them have done so in genuine ways. There are many who have made wealth through crooked means. However, there is still a good number that has worked very hard to realize the wealth they have currently. One of these people is Anthony Petrello. He is the chief executive officer of Nabors Industries. As the CEO of the drilling firm, he has helped it to expand its business operations to many countries in the world. Nabors Industries have been in the business of drilling oil and natural gas since the 1960s. Back then, it was known as Anglo Energy. The company have managed to grow beyond this level and is now the leading company in the globe in terms of providing best drilling services.

The life of Anthony Petrello has been interesting. He has grown from grass to gold. Having been born in a family that could not afford to give him the luxuries of this world, Anthony Petrello had to be contented with going to normal public school in the town of Newark. However, the fact that he did not attend a good school has never deterred him from working hard. He showed his brilliance in school. He was an ardent reader who proved to be mathematics genius. His abilities to tackle mathematical problems were unique. No student in the school at his age would even come close to doing what he was doing.

His brilliance in mathematics earned him a scholarship to study at the prestigious Yale University. This is a university that he could only dream of. However, due to his ability to master mathematics, he got an opportunity to study mathematics. Anthony Petrello did not disappoint. He worked very hard and ended up with masters in mathematics from the institution. Apart from graduating with this degree, he also came out having worked on proving mathematical theories with professor Serge Lang who was teaching at the university.

The life of Anthony Petrello has been brilliant. After he finished his masters, he decided to change profession. He dropped out of math class and joined law class at the Harvard Law School. Here he graduated with a Juris Doctor. He would later join Baker & Mackenzie law firm in New York. He worked for a number of years in this law firm before he was hired by Nabors Industries. Although he has never been to business-related class he has proved that his managerial skills are inborn. He has performed better than people with business-related degrees.

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