Being Your Own Online Reputation Manager

Experiencing bad press can permanently damage a company’s reputation. To help companies solve those particular problems, online reputation management companies exist. To those businesses that afford it, the services offered are invaluable. Some small businesses however, may not be able to afford an online reputation management company. For those who are not able to hire a management company, there is advice to consider. It is quite possible to do it on your own if you adhere to this advice.

Check Your Company’s Status

Use your search engine to find your company. What shows up on the first page is what customer’s will be seeing first as well. Write down your findings. Are there items misspelled? Any reoccurring reviews or phrases that you see? Write down anything that is concerning. Also, try tracking employees online. Their history can damage a company’s reputation, so make sure that all employees’ online reputations reflect what you want your company’s to be.

Create an Online Presence

Online presence is equal to offline advertising. Creating a website and joining a social media site can not only create advertising for your company, but also give information and outlets to customers. Post updates and respond to reviews and comments. Make your pages interesting and engaging.

Learn How to do Your Own Reputation Management

Believe it or not, some bad press isn’t going to completely ruin your reputation. Some negativity are targeted at your company and contain hidden agendas. Other negativity is simply to gain attention. You must teach yourself to see the difference. Decide if the negativity is worth your response and only deal with legitimate issues.

End Bad Press Online

Rely on your online presence to eliminate the bad press. Continue posting interesting and engaging things on your pages. Updates will naturally push negative posts down the line to where no one can find it. Focus on posting positive stories. Resolve any open issues by encouraging them to contact you in another manner. You do not want to deal with any issues through an online outlet. Keep monitoring search engines.


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