Bustle Tests the Infomercial Hair Product, WEN

The Scene

I have never completely transitioned to online streaming due to my greatest weakness, infomercials. There is something about late night eats paired with the theatrics surrounding a single product that just lulls me. Please don’t judge. Perhaps you first learned about WEN Hair (http://www.wen.com/) by Chaz Dean from a glossy magazine or from a friend. But most likely you also watched the QVC commercial of impossibly long and strong hair strut against the pearl scent backdrops. The shine was so bright, I’m not wholly sure I remember what the models looked like.

The Creator
The creator of WEN hair is Chaz Dean, a celebrity hairstylist renowned for overhauling his clients’ hair health first to attain their unique structure, texture, and color. He first created the 5-in-1 conditioner at his studio and perfected it before its mass market release on the sephora beauty market. We all saw the results of the prototype when Alanis Morissette accepted her Grammy in 1999.

The Tester
Emily McClure is one of us and set out to put WEN to the test. Keeping a diary for a week, she recorded the effects on her hair and how her nights out were affected. As Emily shared in Bustle, she had a Love / Eh Affair with the product that eventually led to a full-time Like Relationship.

The Love Affair
1. Friends immediately noticed the full, bright shine after styling.
2. No stray hairs in the drain.
3. Hair looked fresh and healthy after the first wash with WEN.

The Eh Affair
1. Hair lost volume by the late afternoon.
2. You need to wash your hair in the morning, even after an evening wash.

Like Relationship
1. Leaving the hair too heavy for a full-day, it’s not quite right for a daily conditioner.
2. WEN is great for nights out and to bring out the shine. It’s a keeper for the hair arsenal.

WEN hair is available online via: http://www.amazon.com/WEN-Sweet-Almond-Cleansing-Conditioner/dp/B0048O2R1E

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