Christopher Linkas: The Compounding Genius

Christopher Linkas is a genius when it comes to investing. He handles investments for people all around the world and knows just what you need to do to save the right amount of money and investment options for different age groups for people that desperately need a financial break. Young people are the most advantage of early savings and investments yet they are the least equipped with the skills to do so.

Christopher Linkas however is their beacon of hope. While most of today’s young people are more interested in purchasing gadgets and having the coolest clothes and shoes, those that listen to the mentorship of Christopher Linkas stand a better chance at being wealthier individuals in old age.


Christopher’s investment advice always works and his passion to see the youth succeed and become better retirees is a driving force towards the change in the culture today. He believes that saving in the sunny years also helps one to be disciplined matters money and spending, compounding and growth gives people morale to continue saving, that the riskier the investment, the better the returns, he believes that a good portfolio is diverse and deeply believes that saving a little is better than nothing at all.


He advices the young to make hay while the sun shines with tips for investing such as beginning by compounding their dividends and points them towards the obvious opportunities that exist today especially in the online community where young people spend most of their time chatting away.


Christopher Linkas is a firm believer that millennials today have a greater advantage in investment opportunities because of their wide knowledge of the internet and technology. Christopher Linkas does not just encourage the youth to go into investment blindly but rather do their research before putting money into business ventures that may not be lucrative or may be a scam.


In a world where the young people feel forgotten, Christopher Linkas provides them with tangible ideas to improve their lives at a younger age and become better older citizens that will help other generations.


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Currently heading the European Credit group as the executive manager, Linkas is household name in various sectors thanks to his past and current experiences in those fields. For instance he is currently in real estate and is proud to be leading multi-million dollar investments in different parts of Europe and the UK. Previously Linkas was largely involved in the banking sector and when he combines the experience gained from both sectors, Christopher is a man with vast knowledge in matters investment. He shares this knowledge with the world through corporate conferences and helps other investors set the pace for their success.


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