Coriant Announces New Leader

Coriant is a firm that has duel headquarters. Its US headquarters is located in Naperville, Illinois. The firm’s European headquarters is located in Munich, Germany. Coriant became a separate company in 2013 when it was spun out of Nokia Siemens Networks based in Finland. Employing about three thousand people, Coriant is a major local employer in Naperville, Illinois as well as in Munich, Germany.

Coriant is a technology firm that manufactures an array of solutions for computer networks, cloud based systems and telecommunications providers. Products the company produces include fiber optic wires to be used to build a fiber optic network such as Verizon Fios. The company also creates routers such as the latest 8600 and 8800 model smart router series. Packet optical transport platforms the company produces include the mTera universal transport platform, the 7100 packet optical transport platform and the 7610 service edge platform to name just a few. These packet optical platforms offer the ultimate flexibility, computing power and operational capacity for computer networks available on the markets right now.

Other products and solutions that Coriant creates are Ethernet connectivity devices, cross connection switches, software defined networking applications and intelligent network management programs. The programs and devices manufactured are state of the art and guaranteed to be of the highest quality. Coriant services major telecommunication providers, cable carriers, defense agencies, banks, utility network operators and educational institutions with network, connectivity and infrastructure solutions and devices.

Coriant has recently announced that is has acquired a highly skilled and highly regarded leader in the pioneering of fiber optics technology. Shaygan Kheradpir is famous for helping to develop and launch Verizon Fios, which was Verizon’s first 100% fiber optic network. The move to appoint Shaygan Kheradpir as CEO came after much searching and thought about who is best to lead Coriant as it moves forward as an independent company.

The board at Coriant believes that Shaygan Kheradpir is an excellent candidate to lead the firm. He has shown that he is capable of meeting tough deadlines and has a history of innovation in the field of network technology and fiber optics. Such talent and skill will gladly be welcomed at Coriant. Kheradpir graduated from Cornell University with a degree in engineering and has went ahead and completed masters of engineering programs as well.

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