Desiree Perez Moves Up On the Power 100

The numbers for the Power 100 are in and Desiree Perez is at number 47. She moved up from her ranking of 51 last year. There is no doubt she has left her mark on the music business. She has been serving ROC Nation as the Chief Operating Officer since 2009. She is also known throughout the industry as a tough negotiator. Her experience and skill has become extremely important for the management, labeling and publishing aspects of the business. She was additionally instrumental in both the negotiations for Beyoncé and the deal with Rihanna through Samsung.

Desiree Perez was not the only member of ROC Nation to make the Power 100. As the founder of ROC Nation, Jay Z Cater took the 48th spot and Jay Brown placed at number 44. The achievement of the year went to the 4:44 album by Jay Z. Jay Z’s career continues to flourish with eight Grammy nominations. This is more than any other artist. These honors include album, song and record of the year for 4:44. His record as a solo artist was effectively expanded due to making the Billboard 200 with fourteen albums in the number one spot.

The 4:44 Tour is the first Jay has made since the new $200 million deal with Live Nation was signed in May for a ten year period. This may be the biggest move he has made in his career. His last trek was during 2013 and his average gross revenue has seen a staggering increase of 21 percent since then. There has been a lot of action during the last year. Rapsody pulled off nominations for two Grammys during the year. One of them was for Laila’s Wisdom and this was her own album. DJ Khaled and Big Sean were number one for the Billboard 200 with their albums.

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