Dr. Jennifer Walden A Skilled and Knowledgeable Individual

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a cosmetic specialist. She was born in Austin and grew up during her childhood in the Northwest Hills area. She attended Anderson High School. She attended the University of Texas as an undergraduate. She graduated from University of Texas with Honors and a degree in Biology. After receiving her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas she continued her education by obtaining her Medical Doctorate. She received the honor of Salutatorian while accomplishing her Medical Doctorate education. She was nominated president for a medical society associated organization while accomplishing her Medical Doctorate education. Dr. Jennifer Walden was also involved with an externship at the esteemed Plastic Surgery Associates.

When Dr. Jennifer Walden finished her residency teaching she moved to New York to follow her passion in aesthetic surgical procedure. During this time she was provided with the opportunity to be involved with a fellowship. The fellowship was provided by Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital. Her fellowship at the hospital enabled Dr. Jennifer Walden to be able to gain knowledge and proficiency from several well-known front-runners in the industry of aesthetic related surgery. The fellowship also provided her with expertise about innovative methods for surgical procedure of the breasts, proboscis, face, and physique of the body. Eventually, Dr. Jennifer Walden held the position of Program Director for Aesthetic Surgery Fellowship until she moved back to the Austin area. Dr. Jennifer Walden has worked with well-known aesthetic specialists throughout her impressive career.

Along with her career Dr. Jennifer Walden has also contributed towards giving her service to the community. Dr. Jennifer Walden is an active member of Guardian Angel Society. The Guardian Angel Society helps support mistreated children/kids. She has also been involved with Weston United Community Renewal, which helps find homes for the homeless and psychologically ill of New York City. Dr. Jennifer Walden also printed several articles and presented award worthy research documents at nationwide conferences. At some of her conferences she has spoken to other cosmetic specialist about laser methods.

In conclusion, Dr. Jennifer Walden is an impressive and knowledgeable cosmetic specialist.


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