Dr Mark McKenna: Double Article recap

This will give information about Dr. Mark McKenna. Two articles will be recapped, one from “Forbes” and the second from “ Atlanta Patch”. The “Forbes” is called “Want A Botox House Call? A Doctor Turned Entrepreneur Is Building An Uber-Style App. Susan Adams wrote it. Dr. Mark McKenna had made an inference that it would be really hard to make much money in the occupation of a Doctor. This was made while receiving his degree at Tulane Medical School. In 1999 after he graduated he decided upon creating a business in real estate over medicine.

In 2005, Hurricane Katrina hit. Overnight, the Doctor lost dollars in millions. It got rebuilt but later on his company had dissolved. He then went to Atlanta, Georgia and began “ShapeMed”. The company was an chain of offices offering cosmetic treatments like weight counseling and hair removal. This business in 2015 became sold to a big box gym chain, “Lifetime Fitness”. He even got a job there. However, one year later he quit after purchased by a private equity . Now, at forty-three he is working on OVEME, this was scheduled to open early 2018. His picture for this company’s national chain of cosmetic medical offices in app form. It will work like “Uber” for Botox patients. Using the app will allow customers to link with freelance practitioners who on call will make house calls.

The Atlanta Patch” article written about Dr. Mark McKenna is called, “Atlanta Gets Ready to Welcome Dr, Mark Mckenna’s OVME to Buckhead”, (Buckhead Welcomes a New Player in the Medical Aesthetics Field)”. The article was written by Leslie Kennedy. Residents from Buckhead are preapring for the opening of “OVME” to arrive. The business pledges to give low invaisive procedures that’s created to improve Atlanta’s residents look and feel. Also, to increase the self-confidence they have and enhance their life outlook. OVME is the accumulative product of the close to twenty years Dr. Mark McKenna had. This wasn’t only helping his patients but also the innovation on medical practices of today to enhance the final vision of the outcome


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