Drew Madden: Developing Innovative Medical Records Systems


As many healthcare organizations have realized in recent years, technology has come to the forefront in numerous areas, especially electronic medical records systems. Because there is much more information than in years past, these systems are expected to process and securely store vast amounts of personal and medical data. However, since many of these systems were put in place decades ago and have few updates since then, the software running these systems has not been properly updated to keep up with the growing demand. While this has resulted in occasional problems over the years, recent developments concerning the merger of CVS and Aetna and Amazon becoming a player in the pharmaceutical industry all make industry experts concerned about the security of patient data. As a result, companies are reexamining their current systems for potential lapses, enlisting the services of Drew Madden and his team at Nordic Consulting Partners.


One of the first entrepreneurs in the healthcare IT industry, Drew Madden has used his skills in numerous areas of technology to analyze and develop electronic medical records systems for companies and facilities across the world. From industrial engineering and software development to cloud technology and data networking, Drew has utilized these and other skills to create systems that lessen the chances of future data breaches. As a result of his efforts, Drew has been able to learn even more about these complex systems, allowing him to become the foremost authority on these systems. See This Page for more information.


Starting Nordic Consulting Partners more than a decade ago, Drew Madden has combined his technical and business skills to form the most authoritative healthcare IT company which specializes in electronic medical records systems. And as his reputation for excellence has spread throughout the healthcare IT industry, Nordic Consulting Partners has reaped the benefits. Now employing over 700 of the industry’s most highly-skilled IT experts, NCP also works with more than 150 clients located throughout the world. And to prove how successful NCP has become, annual revenues have grown from $1 million to over $130 million, demonstrating how hard work and exceptional skills can result in tremendous business success.


Source: https://evergreenhealthcarepartners.com/


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