Duda Melzer, the man who holds entrepreneurship at heart

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer who is also known as Duda Melzer is an influential Brazilian man. He is a man of numerous talents and had a good education background; he had a degree in Enterprise Administration from Pontifical Catholic University and later an MBA from Harvard University, view his crunchbase.com page. He is the chairperson and president of Grupo RBS and proprietor of the business conglomerate RBS, which is biggest multimedia communications organizations in Brazil.

According to Economia, Grupo RBS is among the most prosperous family businesses. The basis of its success is the fact that has good governance and good relations it keeps with the community where it operates. The Sirotsky’s are very passionate and professional with their business and that is why it is ranked fifth when it comes to printed newspaper and first country publisher in Brazil. It is, therefore, paramount to know what makes Duda outstanding as an entrepreneur.

Before he took up the presidency, his uncle Nelson Sirotsky, was the head of the organization and he believed that Duda was up to the task since he is focused on improving the objectives of the organization. His determination has seen to it that six thousand people across and beyond the country have been employed, and this depicts his passion and the fact that despite technological advancements in the corporation, he has not done away with the human element. Also, Duda volunteers his time and talent.

Considering that he always dreamt of working in the corporation and doing his best, him as an entrepreneur has succeeded in integrating three pillars of business i.e. business education, communication and digital. There are so many qualities that make Duda splendid at what he does and not just in Brazil but also in other countries like the US where he holds some leadership positions in the media and related industries market. Indeed, he is a man who keeps entrepreneurship at heart because he has the urge to enhance, develop and manage risks to get profit.

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