Equities First Holdings: The Financial Go To Firm

According to the management director of Equities First Holdings, Mitchell Hopwood, the company has decided to relocate their Melbourne offices. Expansion is necessary for the company to accommodate its clients who have significantly increased due to the booming of the Australian business, more so, this will give the company the capacity to incorporate more personnel.

Equities First Holdings facilitates providing of stock loans to its clients for both business expansion and strategic investment. These loans can be used in other ways since they do not limit customers to a fixed scope of their use. The company has become a financial option and a capital supplier for its clients by meeting their goals both individually and professionally. Equities First Holdings has three locations in Australia in Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney and its headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. It also has other places in nine countries inclusive of its subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Thailand Singapore, and the USA. Equities First Holdings specializes in offering stocks and bonds while taking into consideration both risks and expected performance. Through this, it provides capital loans that have been found to be affordable and less challenging to navigate along it also happens to be fast and efficient in cases of urgency. It also gives their loans at subsidized rates that go as low as 3% as opposed to the market rate and high loan to value reaching to 75%.

Equities First Holdings ensures their clients have maximum flexibility in using their capital hence giving them the freedom to use it where they deem fit. The company is also involved in providing non-recourse loans which limit the lender’s recovery to the collateral pledge. Most importantly, the company ensures that all the collateral pledged is returned to the client once the loan term lapses.

for more info: www.theloop.com.au/ponydesignco/portfolio/equities-first/257479

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