Eva Moskowitz, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Success Academy

Eva Moskowitz serves as the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Success Academy Charter Schools. Moskowitz holds a Bachelor of Arts degree with honors in history from the University of Pennsylvania. Eva Moskowitz also holds a Ph.D. in American history from Johns Hopkins University.


How is Eva changing the education landscape for the better?


As the Founder and Chief Executive Officer for Success Academy, Eva Moskowitz knows the education crisis in New York to well. As the chairlady of the City Council Education Committee, Eva has conducted over 100 hearings that revealed the failing statuses of schools. As a result, the hearings prompted Eva to come up with Success Academy which has been in operation for nine years.


How has Eva become a leader in education?


Children who attend the Success Academy schools always lead by an enormous margin on the annual standardized tests for Math and English in New York City. Success Academy has grown over the years with 34 schools that serve 11,000 children. Eva is considered as an exceptional leader in the education industry and was awarded the 2016 Savas Award for Public Private Partnerships by the Reason Foundation.


What are some of the educational techniques and strategies that Eva promotes?


According to Eva Moskowitz, for children to academically succeed, they require a strong curriculum and effective teachers that will challenge them to excel. The teachers at Success Academy undergo training and are advised to work alongside their peers to receive constant feedback and professional development. Eva Moskowitz also ensures that teachers are responsive to parents on a 24hour basis.


Success Academy


Success Academy is the leading Charter school network in New York City that was founded in 2006. At Success Academy, children are exposed to science, art, chess and sports apart from English and Math languages. Citizens have responded positively with overwhelming numbers in Success Academy’s schools. For example, in 2016, over 16,000 families applied for the available 3000 seats displaying a high demand for the opening of new schools.


It is evident that the Success Academy schools result in quality students, higher grades, positive community development and involvement.



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