Executives of InnovaCare Health Dr. Richard Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides

InnovaCare Health is a corporation that has a successful track record of providing both Medicare Advantage Plans and services for physician practices. With the Medicare Advantage Plans, the company is able to provide seniors with affordable healthcare options. It works with insurance companies to make sure that seniors are able to get the care they need at a reasonable cost. As well as providing more affordable healthcare through Medicare Advantage Plans, InnovaCare Health also provides physician practice services. With these services, the company is able to help many medical offices contribute to innovation, manage operations more efficiently and also provide better quality care for patients. InnovaCare Health serves the entire United States as well as areas such as Puerto Rico. Dr. Richard Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides are part of the company’s leadership team. Together, these two executives have played a major role in making InnovaCare Health the leading company that provides physician practice services, managed healthcare and Medicare Advantage Plans.


Dr. Richard Shinto is the top executive of the company. Today, he is the current chief executive officer of InnovaCare Health. At this position, Richard Shinto is responsible for providing the overall business direction and leadership of the company. He regularly sets policies and strategies to help the company reach its many goals. With over two decades of experience in the healthcare sector, Shinto has established himself as one of the most knowledgeable and successful executives in the healthcare industry. Over the last two decades, he has held a number of top management positions for top healthcare companies. He has served as a chief operating officer, a vice president and a chief medical officer for healthcare corporations such as Aveta Incorporated. For more details visit zoominfo.com



Penelope Kokkinides is a top executive of InnovaCare Health who currently holds the position of chief administrative officer. At this position, she is in charge of overseeing all administrative functions and daily business operations. She has over twenty years of experience in both management and managed care in the healthcare industry. Penelope spends a lot of her time working with the company’s operations in Puerto Rico. Kokkinides is a seasoned executive in the healthcare industry as she has held many positions such as executive vice president and chief operating officer. These positions entailed providing key leadership for a couple of major healthcare companies during her career. Penelope worked at InnovaCare Health for a number of years before rejoining the company in the summer of 2015. You can visit their Facebook page.



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