Felipe Montoro Jens’ Take on Infrastructure Development and Private Investment Increase

Giving his opinion, Minister Dyogo Oliveira suggests that private investments have to be necessarily increased in Brazil for infrastructure projects. About a month ago, the Governors’ special meeting on 24th March about the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) happened at Mendoza city in Argentina. During the same period, Oliveira stood up to his defense of infrastructure development and investments rise stressing the importance of creating mechanisms that guarantee financial and American projects. He proposed for the promotion of studies by the IDB to give way to the possibility of pointing out efficient project risk management solutions and facilitate the private investment leverage in the region. View felipemontorojens.com to learn more.

Mr. Oliveira’s opinion is that countries’ need for new investments with IDB’s support is a requirement to face the coming 4.0 industrial revolution. In his statement, the major challenge was initially based on the building of roads and sanitation for water provision but the need has shifted and the drawback is currently investing in a modern infrastructure for the fourth industrial revolution promotion.

Felipe Montoro Jens reported that according to IBD president, Luis Alberto Moreno, the convergence of infrastructure has improved the connectivity of countries and it is what describes the Latin American challenge. According to him, the region will be unable to achieve the developments necessary for overcoming growth obstacles before considering the required connectivity. Moreno further emphasized that IDB has adapted to new social demands, therefore, as a result, it has reinforced gender equality policies and additionally achieving environmental sustainability in project executions. Felipe Montoro Jens emphasizes that minister Dyogo Oliveira pointed out the numerous Public-Private Partnerships made by Brazil for public works. Dyogo Oliveira further stated that the Brazilian government actions towards financial and infrastructure developments properly align with the countries’ IDB and other multilateral Brazil participating agencies.

In line with the news portal of the planning and development management ministry, PPPs are up in the Caribbean and in Latin America. Despite the PPP projects gain, several other projects find real challenges in private capital mobilization. Mr. Dyogo Oliveira further states that over the past year, Brazil approximately totaled 29 Billion US Dollars which was 20%more than the previous year.

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