Flavio Maluf Successful Business Executive from Brazil

One of the most respected and successful businessmen in Brazil are Flavio Maluf, who is the son of the famous Brazilian politician Paulo Maluf. Flavio Maluf currently serves as the President of Eucatex, which is one of the leading companies in the country providing paint, wood fiber, and other supplies for manufacturing, toys, and construction industries. Flavio Maluf has overseen the development of Eucatex for many years now and has helped the company grow from strength to strength in the past few years. As the chairman of the Eucatex Group, the decisions made by Flavio Maluf are full and final. One of the primary focuses of Flavio Maluf as leader of the company is mergers and acquisitions. Read more about Flavio at terra.com

Flavio Maluf has ensured that his company continues to grow with time and recently acquired a sheet production line in Botacatu in Brazil, which would help the company increase its production capacity by a good margin. As per the letter that Flavio Maluf sent to his employees, the production capacity of its fibreboard would increase by nearly 70 percent, the paint capacity by more than 30 percent and paper printing capacity by around 40 percent. Flavio Maluf believes that it is necessary for the company to grow with time and the acquisition of the production line in Botucatu would help generously.

Flavio Maluf also explained in the letter he wrote to his employees that CADE would further approve the acquisition, and after that, the purchase would be final legally. Flavio Maluf believes that running the production line would help Eucatex in consolidating its position in the industry and help increase its export. It would also assist in further optimizing the price of the end products of the company. Flavio Maluf is a busy executive, and it is because of his formula to stay active at work and being consistent with his performance. He believes that by not engaging in small talks during office hours and instead focusing on work, it would be much easier for the employees to perform better. Flavio Maluf also said that people should not get distracted by mobile phones and social media during work. Learn more: https://www.mundodomarketing.com.br/noticias-corporativas/conteudo/108970/conheca-com-flavio-maluf-algumas-dicas-para-administrar-uma-empresa-familiar

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