Former UTC CEO Louis Chenevert

The Contribution of the CEO Louis Chenevert towards the Success of UTC


Louis Chenevert has significantly contributed towards the success of the United Technology Corporation (UTC). There are lots of accomplishments that he effected in UTC Company when he was the CEO. The primary objectives of the Louis Chenevert when he was the CEO his primary concentration was on innovation investment and setting long-term goals for the company.

The foundation that was created by the Louis Chenevert at UTC is still valid to date since the company has been committed to making lots of investment got people and technology bearing in mind that any particular decisions made will have an impact in the future success of the business. (See Louis Chenevert’s Business Successes Past, Present and Future)


Most of the developments of Louis Chenevert were on technology since he was aware that would propel the success of the UTC. Based on his vision of the UTC is the crucial contributor towards supporting the U.S. economy. As he integrated the United Technology Corporation with Pratt & Whitney, he aimed at increasing the economic growth of the country of which is witnessed where thousands of jobs to employees. The growth is expected to rise to higher in near future since more focus is on future innovation.


Moreover, there are so many achievements that Louis Chenevert has been awarded for due to his determination and focus on technology innovation. The contribution that he has done to UTC indicates that Louis Chenevert was very visionary, and he knew that there is no loss in investing in the technology innovation makes the company have a bright future only because people that are employed by the company make amazing innovations.


For this reason, Louis Chenevert made investments on people that worked with UTC since they were the one to transform technological innovation of the company. The efforts of Louis Chenevert on investing in employees has led to better fruits since they have different degrees from their field of choice so that they can have skills and knowledge necessary for better future of UTC. Based on the innovation part of the UTC and its success to its current condition is an effort of Louis Chenevert and the company is going to have a competitive advantage. Get More Information Here.


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