George Soros and Open Society Upholding Free Human Society

Open Society Foundations recently thwarted attempts to infiltrate the organization. These intentions did not please the president of OSF Christopher Stone who said he did not see it as funny that someone was trying to sabotage the organization. Open Society Foundations is funded by billionaire George Soros is also the founder.

The attempt was stopped after the planner of the whole operation James O’Keefe forgot to disconnect his phone call after he had called OSF. An audio of O’Keefe call to OSF is available with details of his plans. In that audio, he claims to be an American-Hungarian Named Victor Kesh. He then leaves a message, but after the message he forgets to hung up. The conversation that he has after the call is clearly capture in the recording. He failed to realize that he had not disconnected the telephone conversation and went ahead to tell an identified person his plans.

The audio is about 10-minute long. In the audio, he reveals his actual plan to infiltrate the Open Society Foundations. O’Keefe is heard saying that he needs someone to make hundreds of calls just like the one he made to the organization. They also plan to open Linkedln page and use the information to get in to the George Soros “octopus”. When O’Keefe talks about the Linkedln page he ends up exposing his real LinkedIn account.
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The call was made to Dana Geraghty, who said that he was a little bothered with the massage since they had planned to use him as an entry point to the organization.

The Open society has previously had challenges that have interfered with their operations. The Russian government on recently banned the organization from operating in Russia. OSF is a promoter of democracy and equality all over the world. Soros founded of Open Society Foundations and has previously said that democracy cannot all be the same. Different countries have different constitutions. OSF, however, does its best to ensure everyone is treated equally.

George Soros has always been a philanthropist. Soros began his charity work way back in 1970 when he offered black students funds to attend the university of Cape Town in South Africa. Soros has also been a major player in promoting nonviolent democratization in post-soviet states. These efforts were done mostly by the OSF which was previously called Open Society Institute.

George Soros is an American Hungarian and was born in 1930. Soros is billionaire investor, political donor and philanthropist. He is of a Jewish ancestry. Soros is also the founder and Chairman of Soros Foundation. The firm currently manages exclusively Soros assets.

George Soros is famously known as the man who broke the bank the Bank of England. His short sale of ten billion dollars made him a profit of over $1 billion in a day. Soros is ranked among the top 30 richest people in the world.

Open Societies Foundations is an international grant-making network. OSF financially supports civil societies groups in different parts of the world. Its core purpose is to educate, advance justice, public health and independent media.

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