Get the Ultimate Shopping Experience at Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall

The Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall ranks as the largest shopping mall in Paraiba and one of the largest in the whole of Brazil. The mall was opened in 1989, after a construction period that lasted for two years. Manaira Mall has continuously offered a variety of fun, leisure, and comfort. The idea behind this is to complement the delicious cuisine, unmatched sunsets, and beautiful beaches in a city popularly known for its hospitality.

Entertainment Venues and Food joints

Cinema is one of the greatest highlights of the Mall. It features up to eleven rooms that are equipped in a way that is modern and up-to-date. The Hall also features VIP rooms and 3D rooms with seats arranged in a stadium system concept. This arrangement provides a wider visibility for viewers. Manaira Mall also has an amusement park known as the Game Station. The park is 1800 square meters in size, and it is equipped with more than 200 machines for games and ballroom. Some space has also been dedicated for a fully electronic bowling lane that is contemporary and audacious.

The Mall has various gyms, universities, and shows that assure clients of endless fun and leisure options. It is capable of providing all fun and recreation options that are offered by the leading shopping malls in the country. This trait has helped in strengthening the relationship that the Mall has formed with its clients around Paraiba.

Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall has a space for gourmet. This area provides an ideal environment for individuals who love sharing a quiet moment with their loved ones. The Gourmet Space boasts a hamburger and steak house that serves tasty meals. A food court is available, and it is capable of satisfying diverse tastes without a hassle. A bar service complete with drinks, gourmet popcorn, and candy to cater for the different tastes and preference of its clients is also available.

About Roberto Santiago

Roberto Santiago is a Brazilian entrepreneur and owner of Manaira Shopping Mall that is located in Joao Pessoa. Other than the Manaira Mall, the 58-year-old entrepreneur also owns the Mangeira Shopping Mall. Santiago began his entrepreneurial journey at Café Santa Rosa before investing in his cartonnage firm.

Currently, Roberto Santiago has a promising career path in business, and he has been termed as a shrewd businessperson. He passionately loves sports and has a collection of trophies in kart and motocross champions.


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