Giving Back to the Society with Perry Mandera.

Perry Mandera is the pioneer of The Custom Companies that has revolutionized the transport industry where he has worked for several decades. The company has met the changing customer needs and that is one of the reasons why it has grown over the years. The company has earned a good reputation that has enabled them to increase their customer base with time. He is a true patriot. He served as a marine for many years. He is proud of the services he offered to his country. During his work as a marine, he realized that he could solve some challenges in the transport sector. In 1984, he felt that he could make a difference in the political circles and decided to vie for a position. During his 4 year term, he was one of the youngest elected leader.

Doing business is not his only interest. He believes in giving back to the society and has successfully done that through various initiatives. He has made many donations to deserving charitable initiatives. He has spent a lot of time working with other like-minded individuals to offer essential services to the disadvantaged members of the society. Through his company, he has offered transport services to facilitate various charity programs. He has always engaged relevant stakeholders to identify other programs that may require some financial support. Perry Mandera values his employees and they feel proud to be part of his team.

He has been recognized on different forums for his contributions in the transport industry. He believes that using modern technology has a positive impact on the productivity of a firm. Perry Mandera is always seeking for the best softwares to improve quality of services provided by his company. The Custom Companies employs customer-focus principles to retain and get new clients. Perry Mandera ensures that his company adheres to the industry standards and giving value for the customer’s money. He acknowledges that religion can make a positive impact on a person’s decision making. Mistakes are likely to occur when doing business, he advises entrepreneurs to focus on the future and learn from their mistakes.


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