Glen Wakeman Innovative and Well-regarded In Financial Services Community

Glen Wakeman, in a recent interview,  says  of himself, “Matching ideas with money is something I like doing.” Wakeman has spent his adult life professionally in the financial services sector. In 2015 he became the CEO and co-founder of LaunchPad Holdings LLC. This is a company that offers automated online software to entrepreneurs who are just starting out on their respective venture. The software along with a complimentary library of related content is designed to help the entrepreneur organize their ideas into a practical workable plan.

Wakeman credits his overall experience in financial services to his level of achievement but gives the nudge to his experience in founding Nova Four. His savvy, which is respected and occasionally called on by executive level groups such as Dreamfund, has been sharpened by his experience in working with emerging markets and business management development (Blogwebpedia).

Glen Wakeman has built his experience as a custodian, small business owner, investor, board member, public company CEO, and well-respected for his counsel to others in the financial services community in areas of business development.

Glen Wakeman combines agility with passion in building businesses while having designed a platform building model that is seen to be measurable, practical and goal oriented. The building blocks involve five areas:

– Leadership

– Human Capital

– Execution involving integration between people, technology, and process

– Risk Management

– Governance that allows for constructive dissent

Wakeman’s academic background includes an MBA in Finance and a BS in Economics. His professional experience has included international fronts, and about 20 years in business management with GE Capital and P&L roles, respectively. Wakeman says one of his better qualities is his curiosity about how things work. Curiosity, he says, helps him persevere to solve a problem. Curiosity also helps him to use innovative thinking about a particular idea. The idea when shared with others may reveal that it requires further refinement. Curiosity is the trait that fuels the ability to engage refinement. It is this dynamic too that is built into LaunchPad LLC.

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