Goettl Supports Veterans

Goettl Air Conditioning is a very popular company that professionally installs various types of heating and cooling systems. The company has done a lot to transform the lives of people living in Las Vegas. The company was established several decades ago, and it has been very successful. The company has a team of experts who have been trained to handle all the complicated installation procedures. The chief executive officer of the private corporation, Ken Goodrich has played a fundamental role in the success of the company.

When veterans retire from their work in the military, most of them want to get a new career. Experts say that most of these individuals opt to go to different schools and learn how they can become professionals in the HVAC department. The veterans work hard to get the certification they need in the career, but in most cases, they do not get the tools required for the trade. Ken Goodrich and his team at Goettl have decided to give these individuals a new opportunity in life. According to the company, they will be providing an award for the veterans every year.

Ken Goodrich has announced that he will be offering one thousand dollars to a veteran who completes their HVAC school so that they can purchase all the tools they need for the job. According to the businessman, the money will assist these veterans to get the tools they need to start their work. This equipment will help the veterans in their entire career. Although the money is different from what people get when they need a scholarship, Ken Goodrich says that it will assist in helping the hard working veterans to get ready for the lucrative career.

All the customers who visit Goettl Air Conditioning for any services are guaranteed of getting their homes or even office as cool as possible. Goodrich believes that his company is only dedicated to making sure that the needs of the clients are met in time. The team of experts at the private firm will repair or replace the heating and cooling systems in your homes professionally.

The professionals in the company have worked in the industry for a very long time, and they have all the expertise and experience needed by the customers. Just recently, the team at Goettl decided to assist the elderly people in the neighbourhood to cool their homes using the modern cooling systems. The company did this so that they can give back to the community.


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