Greg Aziz, The Man Behind The Success Of National Steel Car

Gregory J. Aziz is the current CEO, president, and Chairman of National Steel Car, a reputable leading company in the manufacturing of tank cars and railroad freight.


Greg Aziz was born on 30th April 1949, in London. He went to Ridley College and later on joined the University of Western Ontario where he majored in Economics. On completion, Greg James Aziz joined Affiliated Foods, a wholesale food business that belonged to his family. The business experienced enormous growth during that period to a worldwide fresh food importer from South America and Europe, which was then distributed to major fresh food markets in the United States.


Having worked in many New York’s banking investments between the 1980’s and 1990’s, Greg Aziz successfully purchased National Steel Car from the previous owner Dofasco, in 1994 and incorporated it in his won company National Industries Inc.


Through hard work and a strong emphasis on engineering, manufacturing, and team-work the company expanded its workforce 3000 employees from 500 by the year 2000. By 1999, the company had also increased its annual capacity of car manufacturing from 3,500 to 12,000 cars.


Under Gregory J Aziz leadership, National Steel Car has over the years become a leader in the innovation of new cars and also in the building of new railroad freights. As a matter of fact, National Steel Car is the only existing railroad freight car in North America and no doubt, the largest in the region. It has been receiving the highest quality award from TTX SECO since 1996, thanks to the company’s persistence in pursuing manufacturing and engineering.


The History of National Steel Car

The company was established in 1912 and is situated in Hamilton, Ontario in Canada. National Steel car, at the time known as Imperial Steel Car, was founded by a group of investors under the leadership of John Morison Gibson. Visit This Page to learn more.


In 1962 the company was bought by Dafasco who later sold it to Greg Aziz. The company’s focus was limited to Canada until 1995 when Gre Aziz acquired the company and expanded its focus to the United States. National Steel Car is a subsidiary company of National Industries Inc.


Giving Back To the Society

National Steel Car has always supported the Hamilton Community through sponsoring and donating to local charities such as the United Way, Hamilton Opera, Theatre Aquarius, and the Salvation Army among others. Additionally, the Company always hosts a Christmas party that is attended by all employees who used to work or still work at the company.


Greg Aziz together with his wife Irene, are the sponsors of the biggest agricultural fair in Canada, known as the Royal Agriculture Winter Fair.

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