Greg Secker Takes Forex Trading to another Level

Greg Secker stated that it is the time to get into the forex because of wage growth is stagnant, the economy is unpredictable and inflation continues to rise. Forex trading can be done by anyone who learns the basics especially forex indicators managing risks effectively and having an economic calendar. Moreover, do a lot of research mostly in the software type you use.

Also, sign up for workshops and seminars to learn more. Greg Secker gives guidance and advice on forex trading in his workshop putting philanthropy as his top priority. His company, Learn to Trade, which started at his home, has conducted training for over 200,000 passionate forex traders. On the philanthropic thirty most caring companies, Learn to trade was ranked number 17 and Greg was number 151 on Richtopia’s list.

Greg notes that it is important to stick to one strategy you understand, separate emotions and trading, be realistic and define your goals. Also, in the Forex trading, you need to find a successful mentor like Greg Secker to emulate.

Greg Secker is from Norfolk, England. He attained a degree in agricultural and food science from the University of Nottingham and joined Thomas Cook Financial Services and worked as a trading technologist. Greg Secker then founded Virtual Trading Desk platform which earned him the British Telecom Award. At 25 years, he became the Vice President at Mellon Financial Corporation and retired in 2003 to focus on forex trading.

Greg Secker is well-known in the forex trading industry and is focused on helping people attain success in the market. He has founded companies that offer services to forex traders. Mr. Secker founded the Greg Secker Foundation providing education and leadership skills to the youths. He is passionate about helping others understand forex trading and start making profitable trades.


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