Gregory Aziz And National Steel Company Begin Working On Large Order Of Railcars


National Steel Car business has been around since the early 1900’s. The business had been booming since it first began and by the time that the depression hit, the numbers had started to slow. It was during this period that the business had started to lack due to the number of competitors that it was up against. It was during this time that the company had went on to build motor trucks as well. They didn’t just stop at building the motor trucks but went onto create the bodies of buses and also outboard motor boats.

When World War II began, the orders for the rail cars started to pick up once more. The overall health of the business had been successful and it started to share the orders it was receiving with the Eastern Car Company. The Canadian business also shares in the exports of the rail cars to the United States on a regular basis.

The company went on to be sold in 1962 to a company that would eventually start to see a rapid decline in the orders it was receiving. By the year 1990, the National Steel Car was on the market once more. When it was purchased then, it was bought by an individual by the name of Gregory James Aziz.

The best thing that could have happened to the National Steel Car was to be purchased by Gregory James Aziz. Since he took over the company, the company has tripled the number of orders that it will take and produce in a year. When the business was purchased, the number of orders that it was handling per year went from 3500 rolling stock cars to over 12,000 rail cars.

When Gregory James Aziz took over, the number of employees that it held went from 500 employees to more than 3000 employees. National Steel Car had once again become a leading competitor for rail cars. Just in the last year or so, the business signed on to accept a large order in which it would begin the production of grain hopper cars. The initial order would land 1000 grain cars to be made over the course of a 2 year period with a total of 5900 rail cars to be ordered by the time the order is completely filled. View Related Info Here.

This large order came right after an order for 350 lumber cars had been given to National Steel Car. The Canadian National Rail company would invest more than 500 million dollars to produce new equipment.




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