Gregory Aziz- Head Of National Steel Car

National Steel Car is an iconic corporation in the history of the North America. This is a corporation that has been able to survive over one hundred years in an industry that have been greatly affected by technological advancements. National Steel car deals with engineering as well as manufacturing of tanks cars and railroad freight cars. National Steel Car has been able to establish itself as a leader in the global production of these cars. Ever since national steel car was set up in 1912, it has been used to create these products. National steel car was able to create a name for itself after it made quality and customer service their priority. Other many corporations were started at the same period as the national steel car, but most of them have collapsed. National steel car has been resistant for over a century.


The products that are created by this corporation leaves its clients with no doubt of it being the best company in the railcar manufacturing industry. Over the one hundred years that national steel car has been operational, it has been through a number of management teams. Gregory James Aziz heads the current management. Find Related Information Here.

Greg Aziz bought the corporation in 1994 from Dofasco. Since then he set the company on a journey of transformation. He bought the company at a time it was not doing well in terms of production. The production facilities were only able to produce less than three thousand cars every year. This was far too low for such a huge corporation that had a huge market.


Gregory Aziz has a background in economic studies. He went to the University of Western Ontario. He graduated in 1971. After graduating from western Ontario, he joined a family business that dealt with the supply of foods. The wholesale business was known as Affiliated Foods. In the few years that he worked in the family business, Gregory J Aziz ensured that the business gained in terms of its market reach. One of his achievements in the business organization was that he managed to expand the market reach to the United States and Canada. He also made the food company one of the biggest importers of foods from Europe and South America.

Greg J Aziz is from Ontario, Canada the same area where the national steel car is located. He also studied at the Ridley College. Gregory J Aziz knowledge of the business matter has made him one of the biggest entrepreneurs in the North America region.

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