Gregory J. Aziz: One Of Canada’s Top Business Leaders

National Steel Car has risen to great heights under the management of Gregory J Aziz. Mr. Aziz first joined the company after being hired away from his job as an investment banker in New York City in 1994. National Steel Car was floundering in the 1990s and Greg Aziz happened to be assigned to manage the purchase of the company from Dofasco. The management team of National Steel Car was incredibly impressed with Gregory J. Aziz’s role in the purchase as well as his stellar past track record of business development success. They hired him away from the world of investment banking with one specific goal: to help the once great Canadian producer of steel freight railway cars into North America’s largest producer of those railway cars.


This was no easy task. However, Gregory J Aziz was no stranger to reviving a company and developing it into a leader in its field. For example, his first position after college was with his family’s business, Affiliated Foods. The company specialized in the distribution of wholesale fresh foods. When he started working at the company it was a regional operation located specifically in Eastern Canada.


He worked with the company for 16 years. By the time he went to the world of investment banking he had successfully grown that business on a massive scale. After those 16 years, Affiliated Foods was importing wholesale fresh foods from Central America, South America and Europe. Additionally, Affiliated Foods was now doing business with nearly every major fresh food distributor throughout all of Canada and the United States.


In addition to business development, Gregory James Aziz is also very passionate about his company being engrained in the heart of the community that it is a part of. He works very hard to make sure National Steel Car is a big part of the Hamilton, Ontario community and that both he, his team and his company are deeply involved in the process of giving back to the community.


For example, the company holds an annual food drive where all employees are encouraged to bring in canned goods, boxed food and other items that people in need will need over the holiday season. For many of the local food banks the donation that comes in from National Steel Car is said to be the largest they will receive all year. This is just one example of how National Steel Car gives back.


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