Healthy Food Can Also Be Great Tasting With Nathaniel Ru’s Sweetgreen

People do love to eat healthy. However, there tends to be some problems and challenges that come with eating healthy. For one thing, a lot of people tend to choose their food according to their preferences. After all, people who have grown up on processed and fattening food are going to find it hard to adjust to some of the healthier items.

Another thing that makes it challenging for people to eat healthy is the taste. A lot of people find themselves addicted to the taste of foods such as burgers and fries. Then, when they are under stress, it can cause them to go after foods that are comforting.

Nathaniel Ru sees that the problem with eating healthy is the culture in that the fried and processed foods are pervasive in society. Everywhere people turn, there is a burger place. While there are some of the healthier fast food places, the issue that comes in is the cost.

After all, a burger is often a lot cheaper than a sub or a salad. Fortunately, Nathaniel Ru and a few others have seen what is happening in the world of fast good. This gave them the ability to bring something new to the fast food industry.

Nathaniel Ru and his partners have founded Sweetgreen with the purpose of providing salads in place of burgers. There are also tons of different types of dressings that can be used on the salads. People discover many great new tastes with Sweetgreen.

This is one good place where vegetarians and vegans can eat. At the same time, people who are looking for ways to get protein can also choose from certain vegetables and even meat for those who are not that upset with the type of food. Read more: Sweetgreen Founder Interview – Nathaniel Ru | Business Insider

The great taste that comes with Sweetgreen is one of the selling factors behind the success of the fast food enterprise. The environment is also a very healthy environment where people are actually collaborating with one another.

After all, eating right is only one of the factors behind health. Other factors include a healthy work life and healthy relationships.

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