How FullCycle Energy Fund’s COO Sam Tabar Plans to Improvement the International Environment

FullCycle Energy Fund selected Sam Tabar as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) to administer capital to the Synova project of building cost efficient power plants in December 2015. Regions of the world are in need of alternatives for energy sources other than natural gas. FullCycle objective is to generate enough capital to build waste to energy power plants, thereby reducing energy prices and public waste, based on Waste-to-Energy Environment News (March 2nd, 2015). It’s obvious that waste is a problem and is causing environmental issues in most countries, including the United States, China, Germany, Taiwan, Japan, and Philippines. Not only is there a problem on global lands, but also in the oceans, seas, lakes, and rivers.

Power plants that produces natural gas and other sources for electricity are another issue with the environment. Most power plants that process natural gas using coal release toxic contaminates into the air, which causes health problems to humans and animals. The FullCycle Fund partnered with Synova to design, improve power plants, and construct waste to energy power plants to eliminate high costs and the release of pollutants into the air. FullCycle chose Synova because the company created and owns patents to cost effective power plant models. Their models produce clean electricity by reducing the levels of toxic found in waste.

Synova will improve waste plants by using IGCC, also known as Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle to transform fuels into clean energy. The developer created useful plant models that turn waste in landfills into cleaner fuel. Landfills will eventually become a thing of the past, as the mission of Synova is to do the same pertaining to coal power plants. The benefits of waste to energy plants are to reduce landfills on the planet; provide sanitary disposal of wastes; minimize pollutants; and implement green energy. The FullCycle Fund has already contributed $120 million into the Synova Waste to Energy Project.

Sam Tabar was hired by FullCycle Energy to manage the operations of the Synova project and investment activities. His mission is to form global market investment opportunities for construction and installation of the waste to energy power plants. FullCycle Energy Fund LP was founded by Ibrahim AlHusseini in 2013 to partner with a company that produces reasonable priced energy without the use of coal. The Fund selected Synova to build Waste to Energy power plants and Tabar to supervise operations and generate capital investments.  Sam seemed pretty excited about it on Twitter, and the move will also help Tabar generate interest for his AWI GoFundMe for charity.

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