How Gregory Aziz Has Succeeded In His Entrepreneurship Career

National Steel Car is Canada’s leading manufacturer of modern railroad steel cars. The firm has been operational since 1912, and its ownership was transferred to Gregory James Aziz in 1994. The 68 years old business leader also acts as the CEO and chairperson of National Steel Car’s board. Aziz majored in economics at the University of Western Ontario. He got his first job in 1971 at the Affiliated Foods, which is one of the leading fresh food wholesalers in Canada. The business was owned by his family, and therefore, he was offered a management role. James Aziz worked at the firm for about 16 years and made great contributions towards its success. Affiliated Food had become a well-established global importer and wholesaler by the time he left it. The company created a clients’ base in the U.S and Eastern Canada. The foods that it sold were imported from South America, Europe, and South Africa.


The businessman started venturing into New York investment banking market as from the early 1990s. The sector enabled him to make a fortune and later acquired National Steel Car. He felt like the industry had a great potential that was being underutilized. Greg Aziz started his journey in the transformation of the railroad steel car manufacturer while committed to making it North America’s leading company of its kind. The businessman used outstanding manufacturing and engineering designs in the development of top-notch freight cars. He also strived to develop a competent workforce for the company. Click Here to learn more.


The production of the railroad steel car manufacturer was about 3,500 per annum in 1994, but James Aziz managed to grow it to over 12,000 by 1999. He also increased the workforce of the company from about 600 individuals to 3000. The innovativeness of the National Steel Car has significantly assisted it to be ranked as a top firm in the North American market. Gregory Aziz wants to increase the number of freight cars that the company manufactures so that it can sell to the global market. In 1996, TTX SECO recognized the enterprise for the top-notch product that it offered. National Steel Car hold an ISO 900I:2008 certificate.

Greg Aziz is a wealthy man and has been supporting various initiatives of the Hamilton Community. The businessman is a benefactor to Theater Aquarius, the Salvation Army, and the Hamilton Opera. He has led the National Steel Car in organizing food drives that help the community’s food banks.


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