How Gregory Aziz Molded The Success Of National Steel Car

At the helm of rail car manufacturing giant, National Steel Car, is Gregory James Aziz. He holds the positions of Chief Executive Officer, Chairman of the Board and President. His rise to run National Steel Car has been a long journey, but one that ended with his company seeing greater success than it ever has before.


National Steel Car is a stately company that has been in business for over one hundred years. It was founded by six business men in 1912. It was founded in Hamilton, Ontario and is still located there today, providing thousands of jobs to people in the area. From the day National Steel Car was founded to today they have earned and maintained the highest reputation in the manufacturing industry. The company is known by as building the highest quality of rail cars and for exceeding industry expectations. The company is also extremely trusted by the vendors they work with. The company has worked with many of those vendors for decades.


Under the leadership of Greg Aziz, National Steel Car has grown to become the leading manufacturer of railroad freight cars throughout North America. The company’s sterling reputation and quality product earned them business not only in Canada, but throughout the United States. National Steel Car has earned the industry’s prestigious TTX SECO award each year for over ten years. This award is a testament to the success of National Steel Car during Greg Aziz’s time there.

Greg Aziz is known as an innovator. He pushes his team to always exceed industry expectations. National Steel Car is now using the latest technology to both engineer and manufacture its rail cars. This is another reason why the company is a leader in the industry. Get More Info Here.


Greg Aziz has always been a leader. He has also always been someone who is constantly challenging himself and those around him to do better and think bigger. For example, after graduating college he joined his family’s wholesale food business. The business, called Affiliated Foods, was at the time a small business working regionally within Canada. Sixteen years later Affiliated Foods became a global company. The company grew to do business with Europe, Central America and South America. It also began distributing to every major fresh food market throughout Canada and the United States. Just like his work at National Steel Car, this expansion shows how much growth can come from one person in a leadership position.


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