How Marc Beer Is Helping Women Treat Pelvic Floor Disorders

When Mark Beer graduated from Miami University (Ohio) with a BS degree, he probably never dreamed that his career would take him to where he is today. He has more than 25 year of experience in the field of development and commercialization. This includes device and diagnostic equipment in pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Beer is one of the members of the Miami University Business Advisory Council and has also been a member of other organizations such as the Notre Dame Graduate Studies Research and Advisory Council. Recently he helped raise quite a bit of money for a startup that is centered on women’s health. Here is more information about and this exciting new project


Renovia Inc. Is Helping Pelvic Floor Disorders

Women often deal with issues that affect their pelvic floor. These disorders can be embarrassing and there simply aren’t enough products on the market to help improve their quality of life. Mark Beer recently co-founded a startup, Renovia Inc. that will focus on several new pelvic floor products for women. Renovia Inc. is well on it’s way to making this possible thanks to Beer’s fundraising efforts.


$42 Million To Help Women Around The World

In Series B round, Beer helped raise $32 million dollars. This is in addition to another $10 million that was obtained through venture debt. All of this money will be used to help Renovia Inc. develop both diagnostic and therapeutic type items that can help treat urinary incontinence and other pelvic floor issues. It’s estimated that around 250 million women experience issues with their pelvic floor. Renovia Inc. was able to gain FDA approval of Leva in April, which is their first product. This is supposed to be just the beginning of many more products to come in the future.


The money that was raised will be used to both develop and test four addition products that will hopefully gain FDA approval as well. Beer is no stranger of being on the forefront of creating new products and helping to get innovated companies up and running. Of his more notable successes is ViaCell. In 2000, Beer was the Founding CEO and help paved the way for preserving umbilical cord blood that can be used for treatment of certain medical conditions that use stem cells. Prior to this, Beer also was the Vice President at Genzyme’s Global Marketing division. This company launched several different products that had to deal with treating rare diseases throughout the world. With Beer’s unique background, it’s expected that Renovia Inc. will have huge success in developing pelvic floor products and offering women even more options when it comes to treating pelvic floor disorders. Learn more :

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