How Paul Mampilly Advanced On Wall Street And Beyond

Paul Mampilly has been put his educational background to work in the financial industry. He started out in this industry in 1991 when he joined Bankers trust as an assistant portfolio manager. As he gained the skills necessary to being a successful trader he moved his way up the ladder, including stops at ING and Deutsche Bank. One he established a solid reputation as an excellent money manager he started getting recruited by billion dollar investment firms. His last stop on Wall Street was Kinetics Asset Management where he was handed control of its hedge fund. In this role he grew their hedge fund into one worth $25 billion. For this feat his hedge fund was named by Barron’s as one of the “World’s Best”.

After working at Kinetics Asset Management for a number of years Paul Mampilly grew weary of the fast pace and working all day to make money for the ultra wealthy. He also wanted to spend more time with his family so he resigned from his position and they moved to North Carolina. He now works as a researcher, investment analyst, and financial writer. He started Profits Unlimited, an eight-page monthly financial newsletter, and publishes it through Banyan Hill Publishing. Each issue he reveals a new investment opportunity exclusively to his subscribers. He also has a “model portfolio” where he tracks how the stocks that he has recommended are doing.

Paul Mampilly says that his father came from a really small rural village in India. Despite this his father went to college and started working in Bombay. He says that times were challenging and so his family picked up and moved to Dubai. This was right after oil had been discovered there and so the economic opportunities were much better than in India. His family’s financial life turned around and as a result both Paul Mampilly and his sister got to go to college as well. Paul Mampilly decided to do so in America and completed his undergraduate degree at Montclair State. He continued his education and also earned an MBA at Fordham University.

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