How Penelope Kokkinides and Her Team Are Expected To Improve Services at InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare Health has made bold changes to its leadership team to boost creativity and spur economic growth. The three additions, Jonathan Meyers, Penelope Kokkinides and Mike Sortino, have been handpicked from an elite group of professionals with vast experience and essential knowledge. Mr. Meyers serves as InnovaCare’s Chief Actuary Officer. Before his current post, he had served at HealthCare Partners in New York and Horizon BCBS as Chief Actuary and Director of Actuarial services respectively.

Mrs. Penelope Kokkinides incorporates her invaluable knowledge as Chief Administrative Officer at the Company. Her two-decade experience in healthcare programs at various government agencies is expected to inject fresh ideas into the firm. More importantly, her extensive knowledge in managing healthcare processes and clinical programs comes in handy in the enterprise’s organizational infrastructure. Her dedication and commitment to excellent service delivery have been lauded from far and wide. On the other hand, Mr. Sortino serves as the company’s Chief Accounting Officer. His 20-year experience in insurance industries is expected to make a significant improvement in the sector. His 5-year stint as Chief Financial Officer at Samsung has become a valuable asset to InnovaCare’s growth. The new appointments were announced in July 2016.

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Apart from announcing the new appointees, InnovaCare Health has forged a formidable partnership with HHS Initiative to modify the Payment Models. Through the partnership, the two firms intend to diversify the payment options across clients of various financial statuses. Alternatively, the firm has also outlaid its organizational goals to support the payment reform. The company’s mission is tailored to provide patients with health care that is affordable, innovative, coordinated and driven by high-quality standards.

Mrs. Penelope Kokkinides provided an in-depth insight into her profession during a recent interview. According to her, success is an ultimate goal that requires the collaborative effort of various team members. For instance, she credits her highly talented team for developing and implementing various creative ideas. By coalescing together, the team exudes a vibrant synergy that pushes the company forward. Technology has also played a vital role in transforming business operations in several ways. For starters, they can engage with customers on a personal level and receive essential feedback. As an accomplished entrepreneur, she encourages young businesspersons to be informed on current issues within the industry.

InnovaCare in Brief

InnovaCare Health is a leading healthcare provider in North America. Since its inception, the firm focuses on two vital components for service delivery: Medicare Advantage & Medicaid Programs and Provider Networks. Provision of high-quality healthcare forms the core of the company’s mission coupled with advanced technology and sustainable payment models.

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