How To-Do Lists Increase Your Upwork Earnings

Upwork is a powerful online freelancing marketplace with many years of experience. Some freelancers may remember oDesk or Elance which both ended up being rolled into Upwork. The amount of work available on Upwork is near-endless, and freelancers with good ratings are likely to see a constant stream of work. Every freelancer knows the importance of time management when doing work for multiple clients at once. It is nearly impossible to remember so many deadlines at the same time, and without prioritizing tasks it is easy to find yourself rushing to meet some deadlines. The key is to create an effective to-do list.

Not all to-do lists are the same. A good to-do list is highly-detailed and allows you to know what needs to be done first. You can decide whether you want to do harder tasks first and save the easy task for last or mix it up. You could also decide to break up harder tasks instead of tackling them all at once. Then you can tailor your daily to-do list to this formula. This will help you always work in a way that is most efficient for you.

Make Money on Upwork

Every freelancing site has a method to earning the most possible earnings. While there is a constant flow of work on Upwork, every freelancing site has jobs that just might not be worth it. In the case of Upwork, your account is given a certain number of “connects” per month. These connects are used to submit proposals for jobs. The key here is to be very selective when submitting proposals. Jobs that provide little background information or seem too good to be true should be ignored. Once you have a good flow of work coming in, it may be worth it to get a premium level account to have access to more connects. Lastly, keep a good eye out for long-term work, which will bring in constant income. Using these tips and following a to-do list will help you maximize your Upwork earnings.

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