Hussain Sajwani- Leading Life of Success

The Damac owner Hussain Sajwani has reshaped the beauty of real estate projects in Dubai, and he has orchestrated the winning boom. The Damac hills comfortable hosts the Trump Estates talks about his love for the cold season and his large business in real estates. He started by working at the Deira shop and he later exploited by traveling around the world and settling in Washington to undertake his undergraduate degree and also visiting China to trade 1965 and may be the first UAE citizen to visit that country.


The Damac owner attributes his successful business to his formatives years and the power to adapt to the changing market quickly by changing the latest tactics and embracing the new ones. Hussain Sajwani is listed in Forbes as the tenth richest Arab in the world and boasts of the net worth of $3.7 billion. The Damac Properties is the fourth world Arab biggest public company as at 2017 with the Emaar Company ranking in the same league of competition scale. Sajwani has also orchestrated the boldest and most impressive schemes and projects in Dubai. The 2008 property crash left Hussain Sajwani devastated, but the Damac owner bounced back trending.


He is the developer of Trump golf course a project of luxurious villas with the linings of the greens and also blocks of stunning apartments that stretch beautiful into the distance.

Hussain Sajwani states that his father shop was small, but it impacted ambition, skills, and knowledge that was vital for future success. He went for his economic and engineering course in the University of Washington in 1978, and in 1982 he returned to Dubai and began his career at Abu Dhabi as Industries. After two years he started a catering venture the Global Logistics Services that is now part of Damac Group and the biggest in the region. Hussain states that looking for trades and opportunity is part of his blood and success is his DNA.


Damac owner business model is to build and then lease and finally sell and moving, and the trend continues. Hussain Sajwani is planning on an aggressive future looking for opportunities in all continents and maintaining his respected ventures and honourable life.

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