Ian King: Banyan Hill Publishing’s Crypto-Guru

When people think trading in crytpocurrency, immediately thoughts of new age technical mirk eclipse logical mathmatical reason. When people think Ian King, the mirk is cut away revealing clear cut actionable insight straight from the mind of a decades successful Wall Streeter and Hedge Fund Manager. Ian King started his career in traditional finance by working as a clerk at Saloman Brothers’. He grew from that position into working with credit derivatives at Citigroup. After successfully serving as head trader of Peahi Capital’s hedge fund, King had put together enough

time in Wall Street’s trenches to have a good head on his shoulders and know a thing or two about finance! Read more at stockgumshoe.com to know more.

As of this writing, Ian King is serving as a weekly contributor at Banyan Hill Publishing. His articles educate and inspire the over 400,000 strong daily reader base that Banyan Hill has mustered over the years. Because of his wealth of knowledge in finance, Ian King has transitioned into the cutting edge of cyrptocurrency thought leadership, creating the first multimedia cryptocurrency investing tool which can be found at Investopedia’s Academy. King’s crypto investing advice has been published by noteworthy media outlets such as Seeking Alpha, Fox Business News, Zero Hedge, and more!

Banyan Hill Publishing started out as The Sovereign Society in 1998. The company initially provided advice on a variety of investing topics such as asset protection, offshore banking, foreign citizenship, global asset protection and more. The company grew a reputation worldwide for helping investors create and protect wealth through a variety of strategies and methodologies. In 2016, The Sovereign Society rebranded itself into Banyan Hill Publishing, and now creates quality actionable content through a global network of expert author-contributors that speak on investment opportunities across the whole asset class gamut, from small-cap stocks to commoditites and cryptocurrency investment strategies. Check: https://www.dailyforexreport.com/ian-king-introduces-the-cryptocorns/


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