IDlife and Garmin unite to personalize fitness through technology

Leading health and wellness company ID Life unveils plans to join hands with Garmin International Inc., in their mission to design the perfect Garmin wearable device. The worlds leading innovator in wearable fitness technology is planning, as of June 1st, 2017 to offer fitness consumers the new GarminTM smartscale offered on as well as incorporating the new app IDWellness for mobile/smartphones. Consumers can now take control of their fitness programs and challenges at a the touch of a screen.

ID Life was created for people who are health conscious and pro-active in their quest for a fit and healthy lifestyle. ID Life offers custom nutritional vitamin products of the high quality, personalized for long lasting results. The new partnership with Garmin will equip health conscious individuals with products and tools to take their health and fitness goals to the next level.

The new Garmin and ID Life collaboration will demonstrate their aim to make health and fitness simpler to attain by connecting over wifi to measure and track a vast multitude of key metrics, such as; body mass index(BMI), current body fat, skeletal body mass, and water percentage.

IDWellness and Garmin together will further provide innovative app technologies to network suite of products created to personally match activity requirements. Through the Index Smart Scale, Garmin and the IDWellness mobile app the new Vivo activity trackers. All with smart trackers, heart rate wrist notifications, and multiple activity profiles to further workouts regard less of current fitness levels. There is something for everyone with the latest technology offering from IDLife and Garmin.

Logan Stout is CEO and founder of IDLife. For over a decade Logan Stout has made health and fitness a personal priority in business and in his personal life. His belief that health and wellness should be personalized and simplified for everyone has led him to create unique supplemented nutritional products and cutting edge fitness programs that can be used by anyone.

Logan Stout is an accomplished teacher, trainer, keynote speaker and established author. As a former professional athlete, Logan Stout has a unique viewpoint on life and fitness. His forward thinking take on network marketing and his belief in furthering personal development for every individual has made him a success in both the fitness technology industry as well as a nutritional expert.


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