Igor Cornelsen Backs Invetsing In Brazil’s Future

One would normally expect an investment specialist who has worked with some of the world’s largest financial institutions and investment companies to spend their time on the golf course enjoying their golden years. Igor Cornelsen enjoys spending most of his time on the golf courses of Florida but also spends a large amount of his time keeping up with the latest trends investors hope to follow him in through his own Bainbridge Investments company.

Igor Cornelsen retired from his main career as a banking specialist in Brazil in 2010 after spending much of his career exploring the many different options open to the various institutions he worked with to open up the economy of the nation to international investors. Now a resident of Florida, the former banker made his name by helping the banking institutions of Brazil to navigate the problems facing the nation in the 1990s and early 2000s when the institutions he worked with did not lose money during his time as their leader.

Although he made his name as a banker, Igor has always kept himself abreast of the latest trends and changes made in the financial markets of the world. After partnering with Bainbridge Investments, Cornelsen began by supplying news and information for the clients of the company but is now one of the leading advisors for clients who wish to take back control of their own funds. Follow Igor Cornelsen on Twitter

The business model of Igor Cornelsen revolves around removing the many investment specialists who are offering a one size fits all approach for investors who may not get the best return for their money by joining major financial institutions. One of the problems identified by the Brazilian banking specialist is the short-term approach to investments made by many financial analysts who Cornelsen believes would benefit from taking a more long-term investment option. The skills of Cornelsen allow him to recommend the use of long-term investment options which include diversifying an investment portfolio into many different areas of an industry over the coming years.

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