Innovative Lightening Skincare for Women and Men of Color

Makari skincare is a leading skincare line that focuses on the natural beauty of women and men of color. They have an extensive line of face, body, and bathing products. They also sell cosmetics, hair care, and even jewelry and accessories. Products sold on their website are very affordable for the quality that customers are getting.

Their lightening and brightening skincare line cannot be compared to any other brand. It is natural, innovative, and luxurious. Makari’s mission is to provide the best skin lightening creams for people of color, and they completed that mission by providing a broad range of different products for lightening and brightening. Their “Intense Lightening Cream” is one of their best. The “Intense Lightening and Brightening Cream” is a great blend of Shea Butter, vegeclairine and SPF 15. This cream has sun protection that prevents aging of the skin. While preventing aging, this cream moisturizes extremely dry skin, and fades dark spots, pigmentation, and age spots. Its main purpose is to slowly lighten and tone your skin tone.

There are two other moisturizers Carotonic Lightening Cream and Multi-Action Lightening Cream. Serum is another crucial part of skincare. Makari, along with its creams, has a line of serums that are meant for lightening purposes. There are 3 serums: Multi-Actoin Skin Lightening Serum, Carotonic Skin Lightening Serum, and Intense Lightening Serum. As you can see, the creams and serums have the same names, which makes it much easier paring your items together. The serums have a blend of rich ingredients, which are Argan Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Vegeclairine, and pep-tides. All of these mixed together create a powerful serum that takes on: dry skin, uneven skin tone, acne, under eye bags, and discoloration, all while lightening at the same time. Another unique product on Makari’s website to use in-conjunction with the cream and serums, is their line of lightening and brightening soaps. These are bars of soap packed with ingredients that aid in your skin care lightening regimen.

With all of these products used together, your skin will be bright and flawless, letting your natural beauty shine through!

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