Instantly Ageless continues driving strong sales for Jeunesse Global

Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis are two of the most resonant names in the North American direct-selling business. As lifelong entrepreneurs and founders of some of the most successful businesses in the country, both Ray and Lewis have had a chance to gain vast experience and skills in their respective areas of expertise. Today, the couple runs Jeunesse Global, their most successful venture to date and one of the most important global distributors of health and beauty products.

Throughout it all, Ray and Lewis have never lost sight of the fundamentals. The couple has been dedicated from the start to the creation of game-changing products that will help customers reach their life, beauty and financial goals. From the Jeunesse Global compensation plan, which gives distributors up to six unique ways to earn, to the company’s breakthrough health and beauty products, Jeunesse Global has proven every step of the way that it is truly a global innovator.

This is reflected in the company’s many innovative and effective products. One example is the firm’s micro-crème and facial cleanser. Known as Instantly Ageless, the micro-crème is capable of penetrating deep into the skin’s pores, removing grime and dirt that cannot even be seen with the naked eye. This deep cleaning is able to prevent irritation and infection of the pores, leading to a cleaner, clearer complexion and avoiding the appearance of long-term blemishes. This type of deep-cleaning skincare has even been linked to a reduced likelihood of certain types of skin cancer.

But the real selling point for Instantly Ageless is its anti-aging properties. The micro-crème is made with Jeunesse Global’s secret anti-aging ingredient, APT-200. This miracle substance has been clinically shown to prevent the formation of new wrinkles, reduce existing wrinkles and restore a supple and elastic skin quality that is often naturally lost to the aging process.

All told, Instantly Ageless is able to wipe years or even decades off of a user’s visual age. This makes Instantly Ageless one of the most sought-after products in the Jeunesse Global lineup and yet another strong contribution from a company that is changing the world, one product at a time.

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