Jason Hope supports AGE-Breaker program

Jason Hope is a technology entrepreneur, a philanthropist, and a futurist. He studies technology trends and tries to predict what will be the next big innovation. One of the trends which he has great hopes in is the field of biotechnology. Biotechnology solutions are offering possibilities of human beings tackling old age diseases. Old age diseases are diseases which affect human beings at their advanced stages of life. They come as a result of the body becoming weak and therefore unable to resist diseases. At old age, many people will develop an illness that will hinder their ability to lead a normal life. If they do not get an illness, they will still suffer from the body becoming too weak. In old age, human beings do not have the energy and strength to engage in activities which they did when at a young age.

Jason Hope is working closely with an organization known as SENS Research Foundation which is led by Aubrey de Grey. This organization is looking for a solution to the old age problems. The organization was started in 2009 and has so far made significant progress in researching for a cure of old age diseases. The organization has learned from the mistakes of earlier researchers who tried to use small animals as specimens. SENS Research is focused on realizing impact inhuman beings and not small animals. The aging process in these animals is different from the human beings.

SENS Research Foundation has been holding an annual meeting attended by experts interested in this research. They learn from each other how the process of finding an anti-aging drug should be approached. The conference has been very important in the ongoing research work. Jason Hope is optimistic that very soon there will be a breakthrough that will see people no longer live in fear of old age diseases.

Jason Hope has given this foundation $500,000 which have gone to building a laboratory and an initiative known as AGE-Breaker. Jason Hope is happy about the approach being employed by SENS Foundation. It is not just coming up with a way of treating such diseases but is coming up with a way of addressing the root cause of the old age diseases. The organization is focusing on generating a solution that will solve the many diseases which affect human being by reversing the damaging caused by aging. Some of the diseases which he believes will be combated with ease are Alzheimer’s and lung cancer which are normally diseases of the old people.

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