JD.com Launches New Reusable Package Initiative


JD.com is the largest e-commerce company in China by revenue, and also a member of Fortune Global 500. Being the leading retailer in the region, the firm has set standards for online shopping through its commitment to deliver authentic, quality and variety of products from electronics, fresh food, clothing, and even cosmetics. Through its unique network, JD.com offers either same day or the following day delivery to over one million people based on clients’ choice. The level is unmatched even in the global market.

JD.com prides in delivering an enjoyable online experience to its customers through its user-friendly platform in addition to mobile applications that can access their website. The products at Jingdong are of very competitive prices, and apart from being delivered faster, JD provides one of the most reliable shopping platforms in the world. Clients can choose either to pay online or in person, and the firm’s customer care services are also very comprehensive. For the company to deliver quality services to its esteemed customers, Jingdong has built nationwide infrastructure and speedy delivery network. The firm has enough staff to aid in the online, application market and direct sales.


Clean City Logistics

Jingdong is launching a new center for research in Xiona manded to develop futuristic urban logistics for the automated technology in China. The entire process will focus on planning urban hubs. This logistics will see a reduction in urban emission, especially from big vehicles. The selected institutions will design the framework for logistics in this urban space to make sure they reach clients as intended. JD.com, for instance, operates on in-house logistics, and also offers service delivery up to the customers’ doorstep. It is, therefore, the largest retailer in China that operates a nationwide in-house logistics. The company is the first largest company which has a fully-automated center, and that has launched drone deliveries. Get Related Information Here.

Besides, Jingdong Mall has a program that customers can choose whenever they need to use reusable packaging on the billing page. Having rolled out the Green Stream Initiative back in 2017, the packages are returned and can be used for about ten times, while the customers who opt for this package are rewarded with loyalty points. These points can be exchanged for products at the Jingdong, and it’s one of the many ways JD.com uses to reduce waste.


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