Jeff Yastine: A Report of a Reporter, Reporting.. Reporting beyond the call of duty…


Jeff Yastine, currently editor of total wealth insider and brings to the table over 20 years of experience as a financial journalist in stock market investments. Jeff Yastine has made a career out of helping his clients and investors to better understand more about their investments, and how to take a better outlook on their business platforms and portfolios. Jess Yastine comes from a history of hard work and dedication to his job and his clients. Less than perfect would seem like an unsatisfactory result given his record of success. Jeff has perfected the ability to bring to life, the importance of the financial trends that bear fruit to profits.

A highlight in Jeff Yastine’s career would bring you back to 1994-2010, as an Emmy nominated correspondent for PBS, interviewing the worlds top financial investors and entrepreneurs, indirectly retaining their tips and secrets to success in the financial and business realm. With a guess line up consisting of Warren Buffet, Michael Dell and a long list of renown entrepreneurs, it’s safe to say that his career at PBS was no differnt than a “paid for” education in the Financial world. Visit to learn more.

Because of Jeff Yastine’s reporting, and many talents and obligations that he held himself too, he continued to guide for small and large companies and helped them to identify investment opportunities, dangerous or beneficial. His reporting also became a safe haven for companies trying to survive the crisis of the 2000’s and how to gauge their investments during the bubble.

National events and the impact that they had on this country and our economy was another subject that you could find Jeff Yastine reporting on. Whether it was Hurrican Katrine or the Oil Spill of 2010, Jeff Yastine made sure he was an advocate for the news and business world.

Jeffs reporting on the underfunded system of roads, highways and main infrastructure in America, nominated him for another Emmy award. This did not foreshadow his involvement with the 2002 team of NBR journalists, that won the New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants Excellence in Financial Journalism Award for his special report on Americas Bond Market. Jeff is no stranger to excellence and his dedication to the industry has been a pleasant reality for all.

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