Jeff Yastine and The Kennedy Accounts

Just who is Jeff Yastine? His name may sound familiar, and that’s because it is.

The Emmy nominated financial journalist, formerly of The Nightly Business Report, has spent years interviewing some of the worlds most powerful people — such as Warren Buffet, Steve Forbes, and Michael Dell — in an effort to get to the bottom of things and give the people the information and the truth they deserve. Learn more about Jeff Yastine at crunchbase.

Yastine has been the Editorial Director at Banyan Hill Publishing since 2015, where he became the editor of Total Wealth Insider, a monthly financial newsletter. Jeff Yastine is also the man behind the now viral Kennedy Accounts video.

What Exactly Are The Kennedy Accounts?

Let’s break this down so it’s easy to understand.

Kennedy Accounts are forms of direct stock purchase plans, also known as DSPP or dividend investment plans.

How Do Kennedy Accounts Work?

Buying Kennedy Accounts are a bit different than one would normally purchase stocks. Instead of going to a broker, the purchaser goes directly to the company to purchase shares of stock. For example, instead of going through a broker like E-Trade to purchase shares of Walmart, you would go directly to Walmart themselves.

What Exactly Are The Benefits Of This Method?

  1. Saves purchaser from having to pay a commission fee for buying shares.
  2. Purchaser pays Lower Fees.
  3. Overtime Purchaser receives larger dividend payments

The law for these remarkable accounts was passed while John F Kennedy was in office, which answers the question of exactly why they are referred to as the Kennedy Accounts. However, the average person has likely never heard of these accounts because the companies holding them have been legally forbidden from advertising them.

Well now it’s time for things to change. Jeff Yastine has managed to use his amazing investigative skills agains to bring these truths to light for all to take advantage of, just the way JFK intended. With the information openly available thanks to Jeff and his team at Banyan Publishing, there is no excuse for anyone to not start utilizing the power of purchasing stocks. Visit:

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